How to get your kids to love reading.


  1. Chris, you nailed it!!! As parents, WE need to model good reading and show our kids that reading and books are COOL! All that takes is enthusiasm, reading aloud, and a little Dadnamics:)

    My son loves all of your books. Period. Why? Is it as you say… “Literary genius”? Nope. I read TO HIM and made an already great book interactive. Kenny now reads 5-10 books per month an 11-year-old. So much for reluctant readers.

    I just started SuperKids with my 8-year-old daughter…

    1. Exactly, Ken! And can I tell you how stellar it is that Kenny’s reading 5-10 books each month? He’s definitely discovered a love for learning, and that’s largely because of your involvement as a parent.

      Hope your daughter enjoys the Superkid series, too. She’s destined for great Dadnamic times with you. 🙂

  2. Hi Chris! I purchased the entire Superkid Academy set when the Copelands were up in Alaska in August. We just finished the last book with my 9 year old son (our 5 year old boy would sit and listen too). We were all so sad it was over! The whole family loved the suspense. One time I came home and my husband said he got goosebumps after finishing a chapter to the boys. He would look forward to see what would happen next by prompting lots of read aloud times while working through a book 😉
    Will you be writing anymore superkid series? As a parent teaching my children the power of the Word , these books were amazing. Do you have any other of your books you would recommend to follow suit from the Superkid gang?

    1. Mae, thank you for the encouraging word! I’m SO happy to hear your family likes the Superkid books. You made my day!

      There aren’t any more Superkid books in the works for now. There were 11 total, but I’m hoping one day the opportunity will come for more. I have a couple stories I think would be great additions to that series. 🙂

      Many people who discover the Superkid books also like my Amazing Laptop series. It’s an 8-book series about a boy who gets a laptop for his birthday and discovers that whatever he types actually happens! It’s a Christian series aimed at boys with lots of sports and technology, and an overall message about the power of words. While it’s not quite as scripture-heavy as the Superkid series, the themes are equally strong and the stories are fast-paced and fun like the Superkids. You can read more about them here: – and I’d be happy to sign the books for your kids before boxing them up.

      Thank you for writing!


  3. Lilla Kiralyne says:

    I am a bookworm myself and I can’t wait for all my kids to be like this. However, so far it is only my 12-yer-old daughter who is showing signs… My 8-year-old just said the other day that he does not like reading, so it is time for me to get into action.
    I do read to them in the evenings, and they do love listening to the stories, so it gives me hope. At them moment I am reading ‘The mysterious presence’ to them, the first from your Superkids series. Thye love it and they always hate it when I say this is it for today. Thanks for having written this series, this is something we parents need very much – exciting Bible-based, character building novels.
    Looking forward to owning the whole series 🙂

    1. I’m SO glad they’re enjoying the series, Lilla! Our kids went through the same thing. Every one of them felt for a while they didn’t enjoy reading–UNTIL they found a series they couldn’t put down. Playing to their interest is a big key. And once they love reading, they won’t let go! Chris

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