Why Every Writer Needs a Brand

“In a Zendesk survey, 87% of consumers said consistent branding across all online and traditional platforms was important.” – Oberlo

People expect your tone and voice across your website and all channels to be CONSISTENT. In this episode of the Writing Momentum podcast, Chris and Gena talk about how branding can take you and your books to the next level.

Website Changes

Adjusting My Website for Book Sales (SPF Journal)

As mentioned in my last post, I’m working my way through Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula in an attempt to boost my online Kindle sales. Two days in and I’m barely scratching the surface of this course. In the first module, Mark talks about using your website as your hub for your community; that is, the place…

Free Image Sites Writers Will Love

Writers don’t need pictures that speak 1000 words, we need pictures that draw attention to the words we have written. Finding great images to enhance our social media posts can be costly at stock photo sites and  tricky to navigate attribution issues at free-image sites. To avoid cost and accidental  infringement on photographer rights, I…

5 Common, BIG Mistakes Writers Make on Their Facebook Pages–and How to Fix Them

We set up our author/writer/speaker Facebook page as we have been advised to do repeatedly by agents, successful writers, and conference speakers. We tell everyone we know, send out friend invites, and receive a bunch of Facebook LIKES. We put time and effort into posting regularly, yet the page doesn’t grow. What’s up with that?…

Looking for a Way to Launch Your Writing Career?

I made my first sale to Guideposts magazine in 1986, and my next story is scheduled to run in the August issue. That’s 31 years writing for one of America’s most popular and beloved magazines. Guideposts has celebrated 71 years of continual publication and has an audience of 5,203,000 people.  Guideposts is also famous for helping hopeful writers develop their craft…


Is HootSuite5 Perfect for Your Social Presence?

This week, HootSuite, a social media aggregator, released a new version–more powerful than ever! In a previous post, I detailed how I was connecting to Twitter, Facebook and more through Twitterfeed and Hellotxt. At the time, I had tried HootSuite, but it had fallen short of all I needed. This new update, however, has a…